Comparison of credits are they reliable ?

The comparators are many in various areas, including in finance, it is easy today to find a few clicks on a comparator to get a home loan or a consumer loan, are they reliable ? It tells you everything.

Operation of a comparator

A comparator is an app or a website that has a list of offers of credit based on a demand expressed by a natural or legal person. In the operation, most of the time a form is made available to the borrower to enable it to express its needs, to clarify its financial situation and finally, to provide contact information to receive the supply of cash loans.

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The interests of the comparator is to put in competition of the organizations that provide the same offer, whether for a real estate loan, a credit motorcycle or personal loan. Two types of comparators exist, those that offer offers based on the information provided (selection of establishments) and those who offer credit in a systematic way, without prior selection.

Solicit a comparator : good plan ?

The comparison of credit offers a free service, it is paid on the relationship between the person who makes the request and the financial institution that provides the funding, this service allows borrowers to access deals that are sometimes more interesting because the competition leads to rate reductions, discounts or favourable terms.

On the other hand, it sometimes means to be recontacted by the 5 companies at the same time, which can quickly become unmanageable, even unpleasant, especially when some companies are rather insistent. It is thus necessary to remain careful on the canvassing of the comparator and, if possible, not to seek a single comparator, because beyond that, there is more real interest, we must therefore focus on the three agencies to the maximum for that comparison to be interesting.